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Volunteers life

Volunteerslife It is a platform for disseminating the stories and projects of volunteers from all over the world and highlighting their work. The platform was created in order to have a house that brings together all the volunteers and the idea will develop day after day through you and your suggestions.

Who we Are

We are a global initiative that aims to build a place that brings together all volunteers and raise issues related to the various areas of volunteering and community problem solving.

What we Do

We encourage and motivate everyone to volunteer through success stories that have had an impact on societies. We want build homeland for volunteering with You all.

What I'm Doing


Building a volunteer community.

Our Motto

We believe! We Can! WE DO!

The Mission

Stimulating the spirit of volunteering for everyone, working to shed light on volunteer success stories in various countries, working on volunteer projects, giving the volunteers a space to publish their stories and experiences, proposing volunteer ideas and projects that aim to serve the WORLD


Our Partners